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Insurance Appraisals

Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repairs offers full appraisal services for insurance documentation done by a gemologist, Tom Smith, Graduate Gemologist.  Our appraisals utilize state of the art appraisal software to generate a completely professional and easily readable appraisal that includes a color photograph of every piece.

How much is this worth?

We get asked that question every day.

Most people don’t realize that a single piece of jewelry can have several different values depending on what is the intended purpose of that value.

Maybe someone wants to sell an item and needs to know what a piece of jewelry sells for or maybe they just need to insure it. Maybe they just want to know if they “got a good deal.”

Bring in all of the items you have questions about. Our certified appraiser will go over with you what is the best way to value your items.  She can give you a written report for the insurance company or if you plan on selling the item on eBay, jpeg pictures and documentation for your stones and metal.

Appointments are not necessary but are appreciated.  You may walk in at your convenience on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays and watch while the information for your report is gathered.  You can take your jewelry home with you when the discovery part has been finished and the report will arrive within several days in the mail.

If you intend to insure your jewelry, following here are the “25 questions to ask your insurance agent.”  We recommend you print it and use it when you are talking to your agent about insuring your valuables. Most people believe the myth that if you have a homeowner’s policy, it automatically covers your jewelry.  You must schedule it separately or you will be very disappointed if you have a loss.


25 questions you should ask your agent before you buy insurance:

1. Is an appraisal necessary for full coverage?

2. Will I have an easier time if the appraisal is done by an independent appraiser rather than the jeweler who sold the piece?

3. What is the difference between scheduled and non-scheduled coverage?

4. What is the deductible? Will the price of the policy go down with a larger deductible?

5. Does my policy cover me for all risks? (robbery, mysterious disappearance, or damage).

6. Am I still covered if there is negligence or carelessness on my part?

7. Is it covered when in the possession of someone else?

8. What if only the center stone falls out or is damaged?

9. If there is a loss, do I have a choice of cash or replacement?

10. Can I use my personal jeweler or do I have to use a jeweler designated by the insurance company?

11. If I use an insurance-designated jeweler, will I be allowed to verify the replacement with an independent source?

12. If I decide to take cash, will I get the full appraised amount?

13. Is there a difference in limitation between jewelry and sterling flatware?

14. What happens if I lose my jewelry while I am out of the state or country?

15. Can I purchase “partial” insurance and how much will it cost if I can?

16. Is depreciation or inflation taken into consideration when there is a loss?

17. How often should I have a valuation update?

18. Do I get a discount on my premium if I keep my jewelry in a safe?

19. If I lose the center stone, do I have to turn in the whole ring to settle the claim?

20. What if the lost item is antique or one-of-a-kind?

21. If I elect to take a cash settlement, will I receive enough replacement cash if my jewelry has increased significantly in replacement value?

22. What proof is needed to justify a claim?

23. What are the different types of coverage?

24. Are there any exclusions?

25. What is the pair and set clause?


Still not sure about jewelry insurance appraisal? Contact us at FAST FIX at the Wolfchase Galleria to have all your questions answered by the experts.

Being in the jewelry business, we hear countless stories of customers who have lost irreplaceable highly sentimental heirloom jewelry to loss or theft. Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repairs encourages all of its clientele to spend the time to have all pieces valued over $1,000 fully appraised and insured.  For reliable, reasonably priced jewelry insurance, we recommend Jeweler’s Mutual Insurance Company.  Click here for a hyperlink to their web site.




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