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Laser Welder

What is laser welding?
Laser Welding is the fusing of metals using light as the energy source. Laser is the acronym meaning “Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation”. Our machine creates a beam of light (1064 nm wavelength) to weld and fuse metals together almost instantaneously.

What are the benefits of items laser welded?
Laser welders allow the user to assemble or repair jewelry -- or any metal items -- very quickly and efficiently. The laser beam is very small (.2mm minimum diameter) and the heat zone is very minute. This allows you to apply heat in areas you normally wouldn’t with a torch, such as near gemstones, springs, enamels antiques, eyeglasses, etc. The weld is three times stronger than solder and there is no fire scale, boraxing, pickling etc. Preparation work is minimal and clean up is with a rubber wheel and an ultrasonic. According to Crafford-LaserStar’s customers, jewelers are at least 50% or more productive with a laser welder.

How is the energy of a laser measured?
The energy is measured in units called joules. A joule is how many watts of power is being put out for how long of a duration (voltage and milliseconds). It takes anywhere from 4 to 8 joules to weld platinum. It takes upward of 30+ joules to work with silver.

What metals can be welded?
You can laser weld titanium but is important to know that there are many grades of titanium and you will find that some work better then others. When repairing eyeglasses made from titanium, you may find that you will need to introduce a bonding material. We use hard silver solder or white gold.  When welding with white gold, you have to use low power settings or you can cook or crystallize the metal. You need to use low voltage and low milliseconds. Argon shielding gas can also help with some white gold.  Silver is one of the most difficult metals to weld because it is highly conductive and reflective. Some tricks for working with silver are to use a blue or black permanent marker to mask the area where you are welding to help cut down on the reflectivity and absorb more of the light rays (think of wearing a black tee shirt out on a sunny day). It is also useful to use hard silver solder wire as a bonding agent when working with silver.  Stainless steel welds very easily.

Can you size rings using a laser welder?
Sizing a ring can easily be done on a welder although it must be done properly with sufficient penetration into the shank. Sizing with a welder can take more time than with a torch but the sizing will be stronger. This in essence causes no discoloration due to the solder (especially with platinum) and you don’t have to worry about high heat destroying other components on the ring such as gemstones.



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