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A Message from Our Jeweler

At Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repairs, our state of the art repair department is second-to-none.  Our shop is equipped with the industry's leading technological advancements including the cutting edge LaserStar welder, the state of the art Signature computerized custom engraver and a software system called The Edge that allows you to check the status of your repairs via our web site.  Our jeweler, David Waldrum, has over 25 years experience at the jeweler's bench.  It has been said that David treats each piece of jewelry or timepiece with the same amount of care and love as he would if it were his very own.  His extensive experience, combined with his true passion for all kinds of repair and custom design, results in a truly wonderful experience each and every time you visit our repair department.

We are proud to offer completely full service watch repair services for all watches from Rolex to Timex.  Whether it's a refurbishment or a new battery that you need, we can take care of your timepiece and restore it to full working order in a timely manner.


Our Repair Technology

Laser Welder

Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repairs is proud to offer the most cutting edge jewelry repair technology.  The Crafford-LaserStar Technology Welding System offers pin-point accuracy, reduced potential for heat damage and a stronger weld.  The technology utilizes a sharp focused light beam that melts a very small area of metal.  The benefit of this technology is that very little heat is generated at the weld point allowing jewelers to work on the area that needs to be fixed and stay away from the other jewelry components.

The use of this new technology at Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repairs will ultimately mean a shorter turn around time on jewelry repairs as well as a stronger finished repair.

Click here for more technical information on the laser welding process.


Computerized Engraving Machine

The Signature 8000 Plus engraving machine is another example of high technology at Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repairs.  It will engrave a personalized message inside rings, on bangle bracelets and on the curved top of a baby's rattle.  With an infinite number of applications, this technology can also engrave a customer's own handwriting or signature in a few short minutes.

The use of this new technology at Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repairs will ultimately mean a deeper and more meaningful jewelry or giftware purchase as pieces are personalized with the sentiment that best captures the emotion behind the gift.


The Edge Software System

Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repairs is now 100% functional in The Edge Software System by Abbott Jewelry Systems.  Although this inventory and point of sale software has enumerable tools for the sales, administrative and management teams at Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repairs, the real benefit is for its customers.  The system allows for checking on the status of all repairs and custom design projects through our web site.  It also shows color photos of our merchandise and all repairs on each customer's receipt.  Generally speaking, this technology has enabled Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repairs to achieve new levels of customer service satisfaction.




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